Friday, December 5, 2014

Beth Gripenstraw and Wayne Robbins, Santa Cruz, Calif.

One more collaborative piece with Beth and Wayne. I think Wayne did a great job matching Beth's colors.
Beth Gripenstraw's clay with Wayne Robbins glass beads.

Collaboration with Mak....

I love this artists' Raku. She is very talented. This piece has her Raku heart, Waynes glass beads, abalone discs, and bicone agates with geometric designs. and

Sunshine colors

A collaborative piece with Beth Gripenstraw's clay flower drops.

A canary with large freckles!

                  Some more bright colors.

Getting ready for Arizona!

It's getting time to start planning for our annual month tour in Arizona for shows and teaching. I'm trying to brighten up our work for those mid-westerners that follow the sun in the winter and enjoy the bright colors of the southwest. Here are a few new pieces with them in mind.

More green....

Here are a few more greens and a yellow for good measure.

Green, green and more green

I'm on a green kick! I just love that yellow green color so I had Wayne make a bunch of new beads for earrings. Here's how some turned out.